About us and our story

Legacy Lifestyle was created to reward our members for their impeccable taste. The programme has been built around 3 pillars:


The mechanics of Legacy Lifestyle are simple. Members are able to register (at no cost) either on the website, the mobi app or on the credit card terminal in any partner store. The member’s mobile number is their membership number and they choose a 5 digit PIN code to protect their account. As such, whenever a member visits a partner store they simply enter their cell phone number and PIN, and they are able to earn immediate rewards or, for that matter, redeem the rewards they have earned.

Furthermore, rewards (Lifestyle Rands) are earned as a % back on total spend and have a 1:1 value with South African Rands. Therefore, if a member spends R1000 at a partner store whose reward value is 10%, they will then pay R1000 but will receive LR100 back as rewards in their Lifestyle wallet.

Because the platform is essentially “cardless” consumers do not lose out when they have forgotten their membership card or do not have it on them. In addition, there is no “waiting period” or forms to be completed - immediately after registration the member is live and able to enjoy the benefits.


By design Legacy Lifestyle is not linked to any single brand or, for that matter, platform linked to any bank issued card.

This is important for 2 reasons:
Firstly, banks seek to drive card acquisition and customers - they are not concerned with the relevant brand integrity of the loyalty partners. Inherently Legacy Lifestyle focuses on brand integrity as the requirement for brand partners.

Secondly, consider that for all the marketing that the banks do to promote their respective programs, the reality is that in fact, the benefits from their brand partners are only accessible to customers of that respective bank. Through our independent structure not only do members earn rewards from partners irrespective of their bank card used, members are also able to earn rewards when using other payment types such as cash, account or vouchers. Consider too that in certain instances the member could well earn both their Lifestyle Rewards as well as their bank points.

To emphasise the independence of the program - in terms of travel partners, Lifestyle will seek to partner with other hotels and/or hotel groups in any region where Legacy Hotels does not operate in an effort to provide members with a Lifestyle offering in every region of the world.


At present, the world is a place which is lacking in trust, integrity and certainty. Certainly this is more so in the world of loyalty programs. Too often terms and conditions and unclear mechanics have left consumers irritated and disillusioned. For this reason we have created the Legacy Lifestyle program to be devoid of onerous terms and conditions. Rewards are earned in a ZAR 1:1 LR structure. It is free for members to join and there are no annual fees.
The only fees payable by a member is when they earn rewards. If they don’t earn any rewards there is no cost to membership.

Further these fees are marginal: Lifestyle only charges 20% of the rewards earned by a member, only when they earn rewards. In essence, for every 10 Lifestyle Rands a member earns Legacy lifestyle charges R2 as an admin fee. The member is left with 8 Lifestyle Rands in their “wallet”.