Jacqueline Mgido

Jacqueline Mgido is a renowned celebrity makeup artist, stylist, entrepreneur, and CEO of Jackie Mgido Cosmetics , an international makeup company with locations in Zimbabwe, Los Angeles, Wichita, and Kenya. Jackie’s artistry, dynamic personality, and passion for excellence have enabled her to amass an impressive clientele of critically acclaimed artists including: Denzel Washington, Gayle King, Neil Patrick Harris, John Legend, Sylvester Stallone, Jane Lynch, Snoop Dogg, Vanessa Hudgens, Ted Danson, George Lopez and Jaime Foxx. Her work has been featured in media campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Elle and Forbes magazines, and on film/television including: MTV, the Billboard Music Awards, The Real Housewives of Orange County, All My Children, Another World, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and the Academy Awards.

Jackie’s professional journey began in (1993) in St. Louis, MO. While she did not arrive the U.S. via roller coaster, nor receive the warm welcome and steady stream of opportunities as she dreamed of as a child, she was grateful to be here and determined to stay. She eventually moved on from St. Louis to Philadelphia where she worked as a nanny, restaurant host and maid to keep her dreams alive. Jackie got her first break in Washington, D.C. where she landed a job as an Instructice de Beaute for Clarins Cosmetics. Her experience and success at Clarins gave her the confidence to apply for a prestigious makeup school in Hollywood, CA. She was accepted and, upon completion of a Master’s Program in Beauty & Special Effects, continued to hone her skills as an instructor and product developer for other makeup lines. As Jackie's reputation in the industry grew, she slowly began building a large private clientele of Hollywood elites.

Jackie launched (Vault/Jackie Mgido Cosmetics) in (2012) with a simple (mission/vision): " To provide woman across the globe with innovative and affordable products and services that enable them to enhance their natural (beauty/features) rather than change them ." A proud daughter of Zimbabwe, Jackie is thrilled to call Harare home to both the company headquarters and flagship store. She and her team are excited to continue to grow the company organically and are presently developing a new line of products/services that will be available in 2018.