frequently asked questions

If you have any queries, or are curious about the programme, explore our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our call centre by clicking here or calling 0861 925 538.

    1. Do I need my Legacy Lifestyle membership card when earning/redeeming Lifestyle Rands?
  • No, all you need is your cell phone number and your 5 Digit PIN code. In this way, there is no need to change your existing transacting habits, and you can always reap the rewards of being a Lifestyle member.

    The pin code is your self-nominated, 5-digit, Legacy Lifestyle PIN and is not your phone/sim PIN code.

  • 2. How do I contact Legacy Lifestyle?
  • Please do not hesitate to follow one of the below links or call the call centre:



    Call Centre: 0861 925 538

  • 3. Can I use my Lifestyle Rands outside of South Africa?
  • Yes, as long as the store/hotel is a Legacy Lifestyle Brand Partner. You will see the Legacy Lifestyle logo in the store window. View the partner page or mobile app for more information on our affiliates.

  • 4. How do I change my personal details?
  • Log in to your account and click the Update Profile icon from the My Account page

  • 5. Do I have to pay any administrative costs?
  • There are no joining, membership, or annual costs. There are also no additional admin fees when Earning, and what you see on the partner page is the Reward percentage that you receive.  You will, however, be charged 3 Lifestyle Rands (R3) when you Spend your rewards.

  • 6. What do I do if I lose my Legacy Lifestyle card?
  • Your Legacy Lifestyle card is not needed to Earn or Spend Lifestyle Rands. However, if you wish to order a replacement card you may do so by contacting us on: 


    Call Centre: 0861 925 538

    Please note, replacement cards will be charged at R50.

  • 7. Where can I see a list of Legacy Lifestyle partners?
  • Visit the partner's page or click here or visit our mobile app for a list of Brand Partners. If you're looking for a specific partner store, use the search filter, or click on the category you wish to explore.

  • 8. Can I extend my Lifestyle Rands to a later date before they expire?
  • No, all unused points will be forfeited 36 months after the date on which they were Earned. The primary objective is to increase Earn and Spend at our Lifestyle Brand Partners, by members who are active regularly.

  • 9. How long after I have Earned Rewards does it take for my Lifestyle Rands to become active?
  • Lifestyle Rands will immediately appear in your account as pending, but may take up to 30 days to be ready for use. This has been put in place to allow for returned goods and as a security measure to protect Members and Lifestyle Brand Partners

  • 10. How do I check my Lifestyle Rands balance?
  • Log in to your account and view your balance from the My Account page. Alternatively, your balance can be checked on any of the Legacy Lifestyle in-store terminals, as well as our mobile app.

  • 11. What happens if I forget my security PIN?
  • Simply click here or on the Forgot your PIN link on the login page.  Enter your mobile number and a new 5 Digit PIN and a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. To activate your new PIN, you must enter the verification code on the website as prompted. This can also be done on the in-store terminal in any Lifestyle Partner store.

  • 12. Can I return something that was bought with Lifestyle Rands?
  • Yes, Members are able to exchange a product and reclaim their Lifestyle Rands. However, returns are subject to the policies of the respective Lifestyle Partner stores, and can only happen within 30 days from the date of purchase.

  • 13. Can I use Lifestyle Rands for items on sale?
  • This is at the Lifestyle Partner's discretion. Please ask the partner before concluding the sale to avoid disappointment.

  • 14. What % of Lifestyle Rands do I earn on a transaction?
  • Lifestyle Rands Earned vary from Partner to Partner depending on the particular service offering, or product purchased. You can find the exact Reward percentage here or on our mobile app.

  • 15. What are the benefits of being on the Gold or Black Membership Tier?
  • Legacy Lifestyle Hotel Benefits:
    Tier                            Discount %         % back in Lifestyle Rands (LR)          Qualifying Criteria

    Silver Member    
        20 % discount                4 % back in LR                                 N/A
    Gold Member         20 % discount                 8 % back in LR                                 Earn LR 5,000 in 12 months
    Black Member 
           20 % discount               12 % back in LR                                 Earn LR 9,500 in 12 months

  • 16. How do I qualify for Gold or Black membership?
  • Members qualify for the Gold and Black tiers based on their spend within the previous 12 month period. In order to qualify for Gold status, a Member needs to have Earned 5 000 Lifestyle Rands, and 9 500 Lifestyle Rands for Black status, within a 12 month period.

    Alternatively, a Silver member may purchase a Black membership for R9500 and a Gold membership for R5000 

  • 17. As a Gold Card holder can I upgrade to Black Membership?
  • Yes, Black membership can be bought at a cost of R4 500 if you are a current Gold Member.

  • 18. Where can I purchase a Gold or Black Membership card?
  • Contact us on:

    Call Centre: 0861 925 538

    Please note that an additional R50 will be charged for the card itself.

  • 19. Do I lose the benefits of other existing programmes that I am a part of?
  • No, because Legacy Lifestyle is not linked to any bank, Members are able to carry on Earning rewards with existing programmes linked to their credit cards.

  • 20. Will I receive spam SMS or emails?
  • No, you will not receive any SMS's or emails if you do not check the tick boxes when registering. However, if you would like to receive SMS's or emails, you will not receive anything that would not be of interest to yourself. This process is defined by an interest list based on your profile and which partner stores you transact with.

  • 21. How do I Earn Lifestyle Rands at Dis-Chem Pharmacies?
  • Members must first link their Legacy Lifestyle and Dis-Chem Benefits Card online via the Legacy Lifestyle website or in a Dis-Chem Pharmacy by approaching Customer Service Consultant. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for a Members Account to be linked. Once the account is successfully linked, Members must simply swipe their Dis-Chem Benefits Card whenever they shop at Dis-Chem Pharmacies and they will automatically Earn Lifestyle Rands and Dis-Chem Benefit Points.

  • 22. How do I Redeem Lifestyle Rands at Dis-Chem Pharmacies?
  • In order to Redeem Lifestyle Rands at Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Lifestyle Members must convert their Lifestyle Rands into Dis-Chem Benefit Points via the Legacy Lifestyle website or the Legacy Lifestyle Mobi App. Please note that a 10% (ten percent) Administration Fee will be charged from the total amount of Lifestyle Rands being converted. Each transaction is also subject to a Transaction Fee of 3 Lifestyle Rands.

  • 23. Can I purchase 3rd Party Vouchers?
  • You can purchase a number of 3rd party vouchers from your dashboard. Simply login, click on the voucher icon you would like, and follow the prompts to purchase.

    Some 3rd parties allow you to redeem your vouchers online, some allow you to redeem in-store, so please make sure you understand where they can be spent

  • 24. Can vouchers be exchanged or refunded?
  • Vouchers may not be refunded or exchanged for another voucher or cash. Please consult the specific partners regarding the validity period of your vouchers.

  • 25. How do I pay for partner vouchers?
  • Members may purchase partner vouchers using Lifestyle Rands, Credit Card, or Masterpass. You can discount your Credit Card or Masterpass payment buy partially paying with Lifestyle Rands.

  • 26. Will I Earn Lifestyle Rands on vouchers?
  • Yes, provided you pay with Credit Card or Masterpass you will Earn back on your purchase.