The Helipad Café  

The storming popularity of Rainforest Cafe and then Shearwater Cafe, had many tour operators asking to book groups. However a pre-requisite for many of them, was a venue for evening dinners. Not an obvious immediate choice, but the Shearwater Helipad – home of ‘The flight of Angels’ – soon became a night time al fresco dining option gaining rave reviews. A surge in popularity has meant that groups are now booked every night from January, so limited places will then be open for independent diners to also enjoy this experience.

Only minutes from town, but sufficiently tranquil, the helipad enjoys an elevated position gazing down upon the smoke emanating from the falls. Nature provides the soundtrack with the low bass rumble of the falls, occasional trumpets from Elephants and the odd bassoon from a bloat of nearby hippos. The vast majority of visitors to the falls indulge in the serenity of a cruise on the Zambezi with its spectacular African sunset.

But sunset can just be the curtain raiser to another African revelation, as nightfall exposes a spectacular and bejeweled star strewn sky – streaked with shooting stars, the clarity of which is all the more stupendous due to lack of infringing light pollution. Whether waxing or waning the moon always looks truly beautiful on starlit African nights. A backdrop such as this deserves – and gets – a culinary experience worthy of the setting.

The landing circle marks the spot where a resplendent candlelit table is laid, surrounded by the twinkling lights of hanging storm lanterns. To maintain the ambience diners are restricted in number, who are then the beneficiaries of a carefully selected menu which is prepared and served to 5 star standards.


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