Karoo Grill & Bar  

A leading steak-based restaurant. It looks like a steakhouse. Mmmm, it smells like a steakhouse. And it certainly tastes like a steakhouse. But Karoo Grill & Bar is more than just a steakhouse. It’s a top steak-based restaurant, and a South African one at that, featuring traditional SA fare like bobotie and boerewors, as well as steaks cut from the very best South African beef.

Although famous for its red meat and ribs, KG&B’s menu caters for all tastes and includes a sumptuous selection of the freshest SA fish and poultry, a choice of vegetarian dishes and free salads. For the health-conscious, there’s even ostrich. A smooth mix of style & substance Karoo Grill & Bar (KG&B) is unusual because of its smooth mix of high-powered, big business style; cutting-edge, cosmopolitan design and décor; and casually welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. Unlike its fellows, KG&B is more than just another steakhouse.

It is a food, service and visual experience, allowing beef connoisseurs, vegetarians, businesspeople, families, couples – yes, anyone – to feel equally important, equally indulged and equally satisfied, at good prices.Visit Karoo Grill & Bar in Irene Village Mall in Pretoria.


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