If you build it they will come.’ I still remember a friend of mine telling me this over ninteen years ago when the journey of Pippa’s Health Centre first began. Indeed, it has been a lot of hard work, planning and discipline but anything worth doing requires just that.

It is over time that you start to reap the rewards of your efforts from the smiles, compliments and achievements that make their way back to you through Members, happy little Tumble Tots, budding Ballerinas and future Black Belt Masters.

Pippa’s Gym, as we are fondly known, led the way in fitness, dance and martial arts for two decades in Ghana. We pride ourselves on meeting international standards in all aspects of our business and services to our valued members and children. We invest heavily in technology and people in order to provide our clients with far more than an ephemeral experience.

It is with pleasure and pride that we invite you to join the Pippa’s Family, to walk through our doors and let us motivate, guide and assist you in reaching your fitness goals today.

We look forward to welcoming you, your children and your business at Pippa’s. We thank you for being part of our dynamic journey.


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