Mintaka boasts a wide collection of luxury genuine ostrich and leather goods, all of which are stylish, classic, timeless and practical. Using a range of locally-sourced, A-grade leathers to create high-quality items, value is our guarantee.

Since 1983, Vermont Leathercraft Manufacturers has established itself in the South African market as the preferred manufacturer and supplier of luxurious leather fashion items and accessories. We form part of the South African textile and clothing industry and are best known for bespoke hospitality items and corporate gifts, along with high-quality handbags, wallets, and travel accessories.

Mintaka is the first branded collection of bags and accessories proudly manufactured by Vermont and referred to fondly as the “third chapter” of the Vermont brand story, fitting, as the brand name Mintaka originates from the third multiple star located in the constellation of Orion’s belt.

At Mintaka, our expert team of design and manufacturing specialists are dedicated to upholding the highest standard of quality in the pursuit of excellence. Designing and producing new ranges of products that are stylish, classic, timeless and practical. Mintaka strives to preserve the character of each leather and ostrich skin used, ensuring that every handmade product is unique and showcases the character of the skin. We believe leather is one of nature’s most aesthetically-pleasing gifts and one that’s worth sharing. We are passionate about our craftsmanship, priding ourselves on offering you an authentically-crafted range of high-quality genuine ostrich and leather bags and fashion accessories.

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