The Shearwater Café  

Occupying the most prime location in Victoria Falls demands a standard bearer for the Town. The outstanding success of the Rainforest Café always ensured confidence was high with the same team of Wes, Jane and Toni at the helm. The Shearwater Café has certainly delivered – raising the bar significantly.

The look and ambience of the café is as cool, chic and urbane as any you could find in Manhattan or Milan, but with a fabulous photographic mural that leaves you in no doubt you are in fact right in the heart of Africa.

Breakfast is served from 8am and attracts those needing a full ‘bushman’s breakfast’ ahead of a full day’s activities, to those that like a nice healthy muesli and natural yoghurt start to the day, as well as cappuccino sippers and freshly squeezed juice addicts. From midday, lunch is served including light bites and freshly made pizza to something more substantial. Depicting familiar scenes to the herds of Elephant that congregate around waterholes, the afternoon is a great place to gather for cooling drinks or reinvigorating teas and to people watch and catch the buzz of those planning intrepid adventures or returning awestruck from momentous game drives. Early evening becomes a place for white water rafters to convene for a ½ price drinks happy hour as they relive their day on dvd courtesy of the two large plasma screens. Meanwhile dinner service gets underway as candles and lamps are lit and tables fill very quickly with those seeking great food, excellent service and an exquisite atmosphere.

As a positive metaphor for Victoria Falls the Shearwater Café works perfectly and flies the standard on the newly acclaimed Shearwater corner loud and proud.


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