Terms and conditions

1. Definitions and interpretation:

1.1 Unless otherwise expressly stated, or the context otherwise requires, the words and expressions listed below shall, when used in these terms and conditions, bear the meanings ascribed to them
1.1.1 "Effective Date" in respect of each Member, means the date on which that Member registers for the Legacy Lifestyle Programme and is accepted and assigned a Legacy Lifestyle Account by Legacy;
1.1.2 "Legacy Lifestyle" means Legacy Lifestyle (Proprietary) Limited, a limited liability company established under the laws of the RSA, with registration number 2000/029614/07
1.1.3 "Legacy Lifestyle Programme" means the lifestyle programme established by Legacy for purposes of providing the Loyalty Benefits to Members;
1.1.4 "Lifestyle Rands" means the Legacy Lifestyle Programme "currency" being points earned by a Member for Transactions effected by a Member from time to time;
1.1.5 "Legacy Lifestyle Account" means a virtual account that is managed by and assigned by Legacy to each Member for the purposes of accessing and enjoying Loyalty Benefits;
1.1.6 "Lifestyle Partner" means those merchants and/or suppliers and/or service providers approved and appointed by Legacy, in its sole and absolute discretion from time to time, to participate in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, as partners for purposes of the Loyalty Benefits;
1.1.7 "Loyalty Benefits" means the benefits that a Member is entitled to enjoy, including the ability to earn and redeem Lifestyle Rands for goods and services, to access any bonuses, special rates, offers, exclusive access to product launches and any other incentives that may be offered by any Lifestyle Partner and/or Legacy, from time to time, including holiday accommodation and other benefits;
1.1.8 "Member" means any person who has registered as a Member of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, in accordance with these terms and conditions and has been assigned a Legacy Lifestyle Account;
1.1.9 "Parties" means each Member and Legacy and 'party' means any of them as the context may require;
1.1.10 "RSA" means the Republic of South Africa; and
1.1.11 "Transaction" means any purchase effected by a Member at any shop, outlet or store owned or operated or managed by a Lifestyle Partner by using or uploading his Legacy Lifestyle Account at the point of sale operated by the Lifestyle Partner, excluding without limitation any refund or reversal of payment or other fees and charges levied by Legacy in respect of products and/or services provided from time to time and which rewards the Member eligible for Lifestyle Rands in terms of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

1.2 Unless the context clearly indicates a contrary intention
1.2.1 an expression which denotes any gender includes the other genders, a natural person includes an artificial person and vice versa and the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
1.2.2 where any term is defined within a particular clause, other than the definition clause, that term shall bear the meaning ascribed to it in that clause wherever it is used in these terms and conditions.

1.3 Should any provision in a definition be a substantive provision conferring rights or imposing obligations on any party, then effect shall be given to that provision as if it were a substantive provision in the body of these terms and conditions.

1.4 Any reference to an enactment, regulation, rule or by-law is to that enactment, regulation, rule or by-law as at the Effective Date, and as amended or replaced from time to time.

1.5 When any number of days is prescribed, such number shall exclude the first and include the last day.

1.6 Any schedule or annexure to these terms and conditions shall form part of this agreement.

1.7 The use of the word "including" followed by a specific example/s shall not be construed as limiting the meaning of the general wording preceding it and the eiusdem generis rule shall not be applied in the interpretation of such general wording or such specific example/s.

1.8 The rule of construction that a contract shall be interpreted against the party responsible for the drafting or preparation of the agreement shall not apply nor shall these terms and conditions be construed in favour of or against any party by reason of the extent to which any party or its professional advisors participated in the drafting or preparation of these terms and conditions.

1.9 Recordals shall be binding on the parties and are not merely for information purposes.

2. Introduction

2.1 Legacy has established a lifestyle and loyalty programme for its customers and the general public, in terms of which, it will offer and provide Loyalty Benefits to those customers and persons who join the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, as Members.

2.2 These terms and conditions form the basis of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme and are intended to regulate the relationship between Members and Legacy Lifestyle.

2.3 It is the Member's responsibility to read and understand these terms and conditions.

2.4 Every Member is subject to these terms and conditions and is deemed to have read and unconditionally accepted these terms and conditions.

2.5 These terms and conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions and shall be the applicable terms and conditions regulating the relationship between the Member and Legacy Lifestyle in any dispute arising from the Member’s participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards Programme.

3. Eligibility, Registration and Participation

3.1 Legacy Lifestyle shall be entitled, in its sole and absolute discretion, to determine who is eligible to become a Member of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

3.2 Subject to 6, any person may register to become a Member in any of the following ways, by –
3.2.1 logging onto the Legacy website (www.legacylifestyle.co.za) and completing and submitting the online application form;
3.2.2 completing an application form at any Lifestyle Partner point of sale or check out point;
3.2.4 completing an application form at a touch screen operated by Legacy Lifestyle at any of its hotels and resorts where applicable; or
3.2.5 signing up with any Legacy Lifestyle sales representative.

3.3 After the completion of the registration process, in accordance with 3.2, Legacy Lifestyle will authenticate the person. Only once the person has been authenticated by Legacy Lifestyle will that person, at the sole discretion of Legacy Lifestyle, be accepted as a Member and be allocated a Legacy Lifestyle Account.

3.4 No person other than a Member shall be entitled to participate in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

3.5 Any person, whose membership has, in the last 2 years been terminated or cancelled by Legacy Lifestyle for default and/or breach of these terms and conditions, shall not be eligible to become a Member of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

3.6 Each Member acknowledges that 
3.6.1 he is aware that Legacy has contractual arrangements with Lifestyle Partners in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme but that it is at all times within Legacy's sole and absolute discretion whether or not and in what manner it enforces any of its rights in terms of any such contractual arrangements; and
3.6.2 it has no rights against Legacy Lifestyle if a Lifestyle Partner in any manner breaches its contractual obligations to Legacy Lifestyle or refuses to grant that Member any Loyalty Benefits or grants a Loyalty Benefit different to which the Member expected.

3.7 The Member will be eligible to participate in any competitions arranged or organised by Legacy Lifestyle and/or the Lifestyle Partners pursuant to or in connection with the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, provided that no employees of Legacy Lifestyle or the Lifestyle Partner/s (or their immediate families) shall be eligible to enter any competition. Prizes awarded in terms of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme are not transferable and have no monetary exchange value and may not be converted to cash.

4. Earning Lifestyle Rands:

4.1 Lifestyle Rands may only be earned and accumulated with effect from the Effective Date. Legacy Lifestyle will not be obliged to award Lifestyle Rands for Transactions effected prior to the Effective Date.

4.2 A Member can earn Lifestyle Rands at any Lifestyle Partner specified by Legacy Lifestyle from time to time.

4.3 Subject to 4.6 and 4.9 below, Lifestyle Rands will be accumulated directly to a Member's Legacy Lifestyle Account as soon as the Transaction is recorded at a Lifestyle Partner's point of sale.

4.4 The Member agrees that Lifestyle Rands are neither negotiable nor transferable. However, Lifestyle Rands may be transferred for redemption purposes between immediate family members, subject to Legacy Lifestyle's approval and in accordance with the provisions as set out in clauses 5 and 7.

4.5 A Member may not sell, issue, exchange, barter or redeem Lifestyle Rands for cash.

4.6 Lifestyle Rands may take up to 30 days from the date upon which any Transaction is effected by a Member to reflect on a Member's Legacy Lifestyle Account and become effective. In the event that Lifestyle Rands are not reflected within this period, the Member must contact Legacy Lifestyle requesting the Lifestyle Rands to be credited. If Legacy Lifestyle receives no written objection concerning the allocation of Lifestyle Rands within 7 days from the expiry of the 30 day period, any Transaction and allocation of Lifestyle Rands reflected in such Legacy Lifestyle Account shall be deemed to have been approved and ratified by the Member.

4.7 Lifestyle Rands may be transferred into or used to purchase a gift voucher.

4.8 A Member will earn Lifestyle Rands as a percentage back on the total transaction value at a Legacy Lifestyle Partner store. This percentage reward may vary from partner to partner

4.9 PLEASE NOTE: Legacy Lifestyle reserves the right, at its election, to refuse to record or honour and to cancel, suspend or reverse any Lifestyle Rands earned or accumulated if 
4.9.1 the Lifestyle Rands were awarded in error and/or accumulated by the Member as a result of fraud or pursuant to any illegal, ineligible or unauthorized Transaction;
4.9.2 a Transaction has not been fully settled by the Member or if Transactions have been reversed; or
4.9.3 the Member's participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme is cancelled or revoked in terms of 7;
4.9.4 the participating Lifestyle Partner does not pay across to Legacy Lifestyle the corresponding amount due in respect of the Lifestyle Rands earned at such Lifestyle Partner; and/or
4.9.5 a Lifestyle Partner's participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme is suspended or terminated and they continue to issue or accept Lifestyle Rands.

4.10 The Member needs to follow the Partner Store's refund policy for any returns or refunds. Legacy Lifestyle will refund Lifestyle Rands within 30 days of the purchase but would be governed by the Partner's refund policy should it be less than 30 days.

4.11 Any cancellation/reversal/freezing of Lifestyle Rands, in terms of 4.9 above, will be reflected on the Member's Legacy Lifestyle Account. If Lifestyle Rands are cancelled, reversed, frozen or for any reason become void the Member shall not be compensated therefore and such cancelled, reversed, frozen or void Lifestyle Rands shall not be capable of being redeemed.

4.12 There are no limits on the number of Lifestyle Rands that a Member can earn whilst a Member.

4.13 Lifestyle Rands will not accrue to or be earned by a Member in respect of goods or services that have been discounted by a Lifestyle Partner.

4.14 Legacy Lifestyle reserves the right to make certain products or services exempt from earning Lifestyle Rands.

4.15 save as otherwise provide in these terms and conditions, Lifestyle Rands shall be valid for a period of 36 months from the date on which they are earned by a Member.

4.16 Members shall be entitled, where relevant, to rate their experience at the relevant Lifestyle Partner's shop, outlet or store by completing a performance and/or satisfactory rating form, which will be available at each Lifestyle Partner's point of sale. Each Member hereby consents to being contacted by a Lifestyle Partner, who has received a negative rating from such Member.

5. Redeeming Lifestyle Rands

5.1 A Member shall be entitled to redeem Lifestyle Rands earned and accumulated in respect of Transactions for Loyalty Benefits, provided his/her Legacy Lifestyle Account is in good standing

5.2 For accommodation a Member will be able to redeem Lifestyle Rands by booking through the website (www.legacylifestyle.co.za) only. A Member will not be able to redeem Lifestyle Rands on accommodation when booking directly at the property or through Central Reservations.

5.3 A Member shall not be entitled to countermand, cancel or amend any redemption request referred to in 5.1 once received and/or effected by Legacy Lifestyle or a Lifestyle Partner (whichever event is the earlier), without Legacy Lifestyle 's prior written consent.

5.4 A Member shall not be entitled to reverse, exchange, barter, sell or claim any refund or any Loyalty Benefits or voucher, nor shall the Member be entitled to convert any Loyalty Benefits or voucher back into Lifestyle Rands for any reason whatsoever, regardless of whether the Loyalty Benefits and/ or voucher has not been used or has expired.

5.5 A Member shall bear all risk and liability for any Loyalty Benefit or voucher received in terms of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme and to the extent that there is any dispute regarding any Loyalty Benefits or voucher, such dispute must be settled between the relevant Lifestyle Partner providing such Loyalty Benefit and the Member directly. 

5.6 In the event that a Loyalty Benefit or voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise cancelled by any law, government action or similar event beyond the control of Legacy Lifestyle, Legacy Lifestyle shall not be liable howsoever to replace such Loyalty Benefit or voucher or to reimburse the Member with the equivalent number of Lifestyle Rands as were redeemed for such Loyalty Benefit.

5.7 Loyalty Benefits are subject to availability and in accordance with such restrictions, limitations, rules, procedures, charges or exclusions as may be applicable in respect thereof from time to time. All reservations and/or other arrangements relating to the Loyalty Benefits must be confirmed by the Member directly with the Lifestyle Partner and the Member shall be obliged to comply with the Lifestyle Partner's Loyalty Benefit terms and conditions with effect from the redemption date. The Member shall be solely responsible to ensure that the Member is familiar with the Loyalty Benefit terms and conditions of all Lifestyle Partners and for any cost, charge or expense incurred pursuant to the redemption of Lifestyle Rands in terms of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

5.8 Legacy Lifestyle provides no guarantees, warranties or representations regarding the Lifestyle Partners, their agents, employees or directors, their status, eligibility, processes, products, Loyalty Benefits, performance, services, systems or otherwise howsoever and the Member agrees that all risk relating to the Lifestyle Partners participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme shall be borne by the Member.

5.9 The number of Lifestyle Rands required for a Loyalty Benefit may be varied from time to time by Legacy in its sole and absolute discretion.
5.10  Lifestyle Rands may not be redeemed unless the Member has provided Legacy Lifestyle with the following information, either when registering as a Legacy Lifestyle Member or by updating their Legacy Lifestyle Account: Name, Surname, Identity number, valid email address and valid mobile phone number.

5.11 Members will not in any way be precluded, limited, blocked, restrained or prohibited from enjoying any of the Loyalty Benefits, save for where expressly stipulated in these terms and conditions.

6. Fees

6.1 Legacy Lifestyle shall be entitled to charge and recover from the Member an administration fee in relation to every Transaction that is undertaken by a Member. The cost of such administration fee will be communicated by Legacy Lifestyle from time to time, on the Legacy Lifestyle website. The Member hereby authorises Legacy Lifestyle, at its discretion to debit the Member's Legacy Lifestyle Account with the applicable administration fee(s) (inclusive of Value Added Tax) applicable from time to time.

6.2 Legacy Lifestyle shall charge the Member 3 Lifestyle Rands as a transaction fee, whenever the Member elects to redeem their Lifestyle Rands for a purchase and shall deduct this amount from the Member's accumulated Lifestyle Rands. Where a Member wishes to redeem all of their available Lifestyle Rands from their account, their account balance will not be permitted to exceed a balance beyond minus 3 Lifestyle Rands.

6.3 When earning Lifestyle Rands, Legacy shall charge the Member 20% of the Lifestyle Rands earned as a transaction fee.

6.4 When redeeming Lifestyle Rands, Lifestyle shall retain the full Loyalty Benefit as offered by the partner as an administration fee.
6.5 Where a Member has not directly earned or redeemed Lifestyle Rands for a period of the proceeding 3 consecutive months, Legacy Lifestyle shall have the right to levy an “Inactivity fee” of 4 Lifestyle Rands on the Member and deduct the Inactivity fee from the Member’s Legacy Lifestyle Account, at the end of the last consecutive month in the period.

7. Termination:

7.1 Legacy Lifestyle may, at any time, for any reason at Legacy Lifestyle’s sole discretion, but on notice to the Member, terminate a Member's participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme. In such a case, the Member will have 30 days to spend any Lifestyle Rands that have been accumulated, unless –
7.1.1 Legacy Lifestyle believes that the Member's behaviour was inappropriate, constituted misconduct and/or is considered an abuse of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme;
7.1.2 The Member has breached these, or any other, terms and conditions relevant to the Legacy Lifestyle Programme; or
7.1.3 A fraudulent Transaction was conducted directly or indirectly by such Member, in which case, Legacy Lifestyle reserves the right and without prejudice to any of its other rights and remedies in terms of these terms and conditions and in law, to be exercised in Legacy Lifestyle's sole discretion, to Procure that that Member forfeits all its Lifestyle Rands in its Legacy Lifestyle Account; Immediately terminate that Member's membership to the Legacy Lifestyle Programme; permanently disqualify that Member from accessing any discounts; and/or Reverse/cancel any Transaction relating to the aforementioned conduct and hold that Member liable for any value which that Member has received in terms of such conduct.

7.2 If Legacy Lifestyle terminates a Member's participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, Legacy Lifestyle will not be liable for any damages of any nature suffered by the Member or any third party.

7.3 Any Member may terminate its participation in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme on 30 days prior written notice to Legacy Lifestyle.
7.3.1 Where a member elects to terminate their participation in the Programme, their current Lifestyle Rand Balance shall automatically prescribe from their account to Legacy Lifestyle

7.4 During this notice period, the Member may spend, donate or transfer his/her Lifestyle Rands to any other Legacy Lifestyle Accounts, failing which that Member will forfeit all the Lifestyle Rands in that Member's Legacy Lifestyle Account when it is closed.

7.5 Every Member accepts that Legacy Lifestyle may, in its sole and absolute discretion, from time to time amend, replace, withdraw or substitute the Legacy Lifestyle Programme or the terms and conditions relating thereto or any part thereof, or suspend any of the Lifestyle Partners, without incurring any liability whatsoever. Legacy Lifestyle shall give the Members notification of any such amendment, termination, withdrawal or substitution on its website (www.legacylifestyle.co.za) or through any other medium that Legacy Lifestyle may deem fit. No alteration, amendment or termination of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme will affect any Lifestyle Rands that have been accumulated at the time.

8. Limitation of Liability

Legacy Lifestyle will not be liable, unless attributable to gross negligence, for any loss or damage (including, without limitation, any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, whether arising out of contract, statute or delict or otherwise and regardless of whether Legacy Lifestyle was expressly advised of the possibility of such loss or damage) arising as a result of –

8.1 Any damage which is suffered by the Member as a result of a loss, theft; 

8.2 Transfers of Lifestyle Rands made to other Legacy Lifestyle Accounts due to the input of incorrect information;

8.3 Any interruption, malfunction, downtime or other failure of the Transaction processing software system or payment terminal or third party system or any component thereof for whatever reason;

8.4 The rejection of any Transaction at a Lifestyle Partner's points of sale or checkout point;

8.5 Any product or service unavailability or price fluctuations, whether due to currency fluctuations, increase in taxes or otherwise;

8.6 Any loss or damage with regard to a Members personal information or any other data directly or indirectly caused by interception, malfunction of Legacy Lifestyle's systems, third party systems, unlawful access to or theft of data;

8.7 Computer viruses or destructive codes on Legacy Lifestyle's systems or third party systems or programming defects; and

8.8 Any event which is beyond Legacy Lifestyle's control, including but not limited to any delays, cancellations, over bookings, strikes, or events of force majeure as defined in 9.3.

9. Force Majeure

9.1 Should Legacy Lifestyle or any Lifestyle Partner be prevented from fulfilling any of its obligations in terms of these terms and conditions as a result of an event of force majeure (as defined in 9.3) then those obligations shall be deemed to have been suspended to the extent that and for so long as Legacy Lifestyle is so prevented from fulfilling them, and the corresponding obligations of the customer shall be suspended to the corresponding extent.

9.2 Should an event of force majeure continue for more than 180 days, either Legacy Lifestyle or any Lifestyle Partner party shall be entitled (but not obliged) to cancel the relevant transaction by giving not less than 30 days written notice of cancellation to the other party.

9.3 An "event of force majeure" shall mean any event or circumstance of any nature whatever which is not within the reasonable control of Legacy Lifestyle or any Lifestyle Partner including, without any limitation, vismaior, casus fortuitus, any act of God, strike, theft, fire, explosion, riot, insurrection or other civil disorder, war (whether declared or not) or military operations, international restrictions, any requirement of any international authority, any requirement of any government or other competent local, regulatory or other authority, any court or arbitral order, export control and any shortage of transport or other facilities.

10. General

10.1 In effecting any Transaction on behalf of a Member, Legacy Lifestyle shall not act nor shall it be deemed to be acting as the Member's agent nor as the agent of any Lifestyle Partner.

10.2 Copyright in all materials made available through the Legacy Lifestyle Programme is owned either by Legacy Lifestyle and/or the Lifestyle Partners and protected by both RSA and other intellectual property laws. Accordingly, any unauthorised copying, reproduction, retransmission, distribution, dissemination, sale, publication, broadcast or other circulation or exploitation of any such material will constitute an infringement of that copyright. The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed relating to the Legacy Lifestyle Programme are registered and unregistered trademarks of Legacy Lifestyle and/or the Lifestyle Partners. Nothing contained in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme should be construed as granting any licence or right to use any trademark, logos or service marks without the written permission of Legacy Lifestyle and/or the Lifestyle Partners.

10.3 These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the RSA. The Member hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg in respect of any dispute arising in connection with the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, or these terms and conditions or any matter related to or in connection therewith.

10.4 Otherwise than as required by law, Legacy Lifestyle shall not be responsible for issuing any tax or other certification, clarification or directive to the Member or be responsible for any tax liability or other government charge arising from the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

10.5 If there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and any other terms, rules, regulations or procedures applicable to the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

10.6 The Member waives any rights he may have or obtain against Legacy Lifestyle arising directly or indirectly from any loss or damage of whatsoever nature, which the Member may suffer as a result of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, the redemption of Lifestyle Rands, any Loyalty Benefit or voucher or matter incidental thereto or the acts or omissions of any Lifestyle Partner and agrees that Legacy Lifestyle is not responsible for any death or injury or direct or consequential loss or damage (including loss of profits or data) arising from the Legacy Lifestyle Programme.

10.7 The Member accepts that by participating in the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, Legacy Lifestyle may in its sole and absolute discretion send marketing and promotional information relating to the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, and or offers from Legacy Lifestyle Partners, to the Member and such information shall not be considered unsolicited by the Member. The Member has the right to opt out of receiving such information and request that Legacy Lifestyle not send any such information.

10.8 Any communication contained on the Legacy Lifestyle website will be deemed to be sufficient communication or notice relating to the Legacy Lifestyle Programme and shall be binding on the Member.

10.9 In the event of any dispute relating to which of the Lifestyle Partners and Lifestyle Partner stores the Member may accrue or redeem his Lifestyle Rands, the Legacy Lifestyle website will be only and absolute point of reference for the participating Lifestyle Partners and Lifestyle Partner Stores and the associated Loyalty Benefit.

10.10 Legacy Lifestyle shall not be held liable for any misrepresentation, action, omission or any incorrect information supplied by any of the Lifestyle Partners.

10.11 By registering as a Member of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, the Member consents to Legacy Lifestyle collecting, processing, using and storing the personal information of the Members that the Member provides to Legacy Lifestyle and subject always to the relevant provisions contained in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013(“POPI”) and the regulations promulgated in terms of POPI.

10.12 Legacy Lifestyle will not discuss any Member's details with anybody besides the registered, individual Member.

11. Privacy Policy

11.1 Our Privacy Policy, as set out in this Clause 11 is designed to provide our Members and Partners with a clear framework for how we manage and use data that is generated as part of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme. Your data and privacy is important to us and we will not knowingly misuse your data.

11.2 When you register as a Member of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme and/or in the course of your membership, we will require you to provide us with certain personal information (“data”) including, but not limited to, your name, surname, e.mail address, mobile telephone number, address and identity number. You cannot be a Member without providing us with this information and by becoming a Member you agree to provide us with this information which will be dealt with in terms of this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy will also apply to any additional data that you may provide to us. This data is required in order for us to improve the value and quality of the Rewards provided by us and/or our Partners to Members; to allow Members to redeem Rewards as part of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme; and in order to enable Legacy Lifestyle to complete your registration and communicate efficiently with you. We also use your data to enable us, whether in conjunction with our Partners or otherwise, to develop personalised offers that are relevant to you. 

11.3 By registering as a Member and continuing to retain your membership of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme, you give us your express consent that we can process your data for the purposes set out in these Terms & Conditions.  This will include, but not be limited to, providing our Partners, on a confidential basis with aggregated, non-personalised data that improves our products and services and your experience on the Legacy Lifestyle website and/or Legacy Lifestyle Programme. We may also use your data for market research and profiling.

11.4 Under no circumstances will we sell your data.  In providing your data to any Partner, we will request that such Partner deal with your data on a confidential basis and in terms of their own privacy policy.  However, as we do not control this data, we cannot guarantee how it will be used by such Partners and/or third parties. 

11.5 At all times, we will process, manage and/or share your data in terms of any applicable legislation including the Protection of Personal Information Act.  All data will be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner and will only be collected for the purposes set out herein.  You also recognise that there may be circumstances where we are legally obliged to disclose your data to, for example, government authorities or in respect of court proceedings.

11.6 By registering as a Member you undertake to ensure that any data provided to us is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.  We will only keep this data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which the data is collected.  Once you cease being a Member, your data will be permanently deleted.  You can request us, at any stage, to delete your data, but should you do so, this may result in your membership being terminated which may include the forfeiture of any Rewards.

11.7 We will, at all times, ensure that security systems are in place to safeguard your data although you are required to protect against unauthorised access to your password in any manner. 

11.8 At any stage, we will provide you, upon written request, with a copy of your personal data, as it pertains to your Membership of Legacy Lifestyle. 

11.9 As our business changes constantly and the terms and conditions of your registration of the Legacy Lifestyle Programme and your use of our website or any other portal may change from time to time, you are advised to regularly check our website for our updated policies. This will include any change to the Privacy Policy. Any updated policy will be binding upon you from such time as it appears on our website.

11.10 Whilst we take as much care as possible to secure your data, you irrevocably and unconditionally waive any claim that you may have or which arises at any time in the future, against Legacy Lifestyle for any loss or theft of your data.  For this purpose, Legacy Lifestyle shall include all companies within the Legacy Group as well as its directors, employees, consultants, advisors and/or agents.

12. Movie Tickets

12.1 Movie ticket purchases which are made by credit card, debit card or Lifestyle Rands are non-refundable.

12.2 Movie ticket voucher codes are for single use only.

12.3 It is the responsibility of the Member to familiarise themselves with the vendors offering, venue changes and showing times as Legacy Lifestyle cannot be held responsible for any variations to these.

12.4 Please note that movie ticket voucher codes are non-refundable

(Version:2.3: 1 April 2019)